Chris Lee

Locaton: San Diego, CA USA
Email: chris.lee[at]digitalblend-cl[dot]com
MSN Messanger: xxxx340541[at]gmail[dot]com
Google Talk: xxxx340541[at]gmail[dot]com
Skype: xxxx340541
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What I do...

I am a Web/Graphic Designer in San Diego, I once worked for the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper company here in town. I originally came to San Diego to attend San Diego State, I have been living and working in San Diego ever since then.

Being a Graphic Designer has it's rewards at times, I really do love working as a Web and Graphic designer I would not be doing this job if I did not love what I do for a living.

Over the years, I have done a lot of different things, everything from working for the post office (everyone wonders where the term going postal comes from) to doing software testing, working as a Freelance Grpahic designer to the job that I have now.


Other diversions...

Outside of work, I enjoy seeing new and diffrent things, I enjoy traveling and taking photographs of the places that I have been to. Comics and Model building also help occupy my time when I am not at work, more than anything else, I like to enjoy the wonderful weather that we have here in San Diego.

Belém - Padrao-dos-Desc-3


I have traveled to a number of different places around the world, I have walked through Paris, London, Munich, Berlin, Stockholm, Lisbon, Prague, Vienna, Toronto and other places. Visiting another place other than the place you call home helps open your eyes to the world, getting there can be a real challenge.