Downtown San Diego at night.

Here it is - Check it out.

Downtown San Diego - Night time

This is my latest panorama, I froze my rear-end off taking the photos of Downtown San Diego from Shelter Island, it was windy, and cold but worth it. In the end, it turned out nice, but there was a lot of traffic on the bay, and a search of one boat that was anchored on the bay by the police, first there was one police boat then there were two, and then the police cruisers started to show up, and before you know it, there were police all over the area.


Around San Diego for the Morning Sun...

Pacific Beach

Mission Beach BoardwalkMany years a go, I use to spend a lot of time around Pacific Beach, I use to surf Tourmaline Beach, Pacific, and Mission Beach all of the time. So, I decided to get up early Sunday morning and have a look around, I started up at Garnet near Henry's Market, and worked my way down to Mission Blvd., I walked through the residential area, then ended up at Feldspar and Mission Blvd. There was a Automobile Transport Tractor Trailer with Opels from Germany there, the driver said that hotel near by is using them as courtesy cars or something like that. I started out at 08,00, by this time, it is around 09,00, the driver and I chatted for a few minutes, he said the automobile company is trying to build some brand awareness for Opels, they have done the same thing in a few spots around Southern California.

Pacific Beach - Opels in PB What I did notice is that a lot of cafes have sprung up around the beach area of PB, a few residential houses are now Restaurants, Skip Frye's Surf board studio and the adjoining lot is now a hotel on the beach, the Lucky's supermarket is now a different store, and several other places are no more. Star Surfing Company has changed sides of the street, apparently the landlord and the owner of the surf shop did not see eye to eye. I sold several of my surfboards there, and ate at the taco shop that was next door, but now the new place is much smaller, but all of the old photos have survived the trip to the other side of the street.

The Crystal Pier and the Crystal Pier hotel are still the same, but the bar Blind Melons is now the 710 Club, I was in this area at night, but I did not realize there was so much activity in this area at night.


The San Diego Comic Con - 2007

Comic-Con-20070725---39.jpgLike almost every year since 2001, I have made my annual pilgrimage to the San Diego Comic Con. It really has become a pop culture extravaganza's, it is not just comics any more, there is some thing for everyone. Unfortunately it is sold out, and if you did not buy a ticket before comic -con started you are out of luck. This year, every day was packed full of people, this year I had to stay at the convention all day, usually I can come and go as I wish. There were so many people inside that it got hard to move around around, we were all packed inside like a can of sardines.


San Diego County Burning!!!

Ramona - North East Countryside

After a very dry year with very little rain, it has finally happened, a big fire, but no one expected the worst fire in the history of San Diego to occur, the fire has engulfed a large section of Northern and Southern San Diego county, to the North, a large section of Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch in the west to Ramona in the east have been engulfed by flames. This fire is called the Witch Fire, for the Witch Creek, which is near Julian and Ramona, where the fire started. Rancho Bernardo, Parts of Poway, and Carmel Mountain have been swallowed up by the flames. From what I understand over 1250 have been burned, and many businesses have been lost. The fire is in it’s 4th day so far, the smoke has made it hard to breath outside, and ash spread by the Santa Ana winds have made it very hard for the fire to be put out.