Around San Diego for the Morning Sun...

Pacific Beach

Mission Beach BoardwalkMany years a go, I use to spend a lot of time around Pacific Beach, I use to surf Tourmaline Beach, Pacific, and Mission Beach all of the time. So, I decided to get up early Sunday morning and have a look around, I started up at Garnet near Henry's Market, and worked my way down to Mission Blvd., I walked through the residential area, then ended up at Feldspar and Mission Blvd. There was a Automobile Transport Tractor Trailer with Opels from Germany there, the driver said that hotel near by is using them as courtesy cars or something like that. I started out at 08,00, by this time, it is around 09,00, the driver and I chatted for a few minutes, he said the automobile company is trying to build some brand awareness for Opels, they have done the same thing in a few spots around Southern California.

Pacific Beach - Opels in PB What I did notice is that a lot of cafes have sprung up around the beach area of PB, a few residential houses are now Restaurants, Skip Frye's Surf board studio and the adjoining lot is now a hotel on the beach, the Lucky's supermarket is now a different store, and several other places are no more. Star Surfing Company has changed sides of the street, apparently the landlord and the owner of the surf shop did not see eye to eye. I sold several of my surfboards there, and ate at the taco shop that was next door, but now the new place is much smaller, but all of the old photos have survived the trip to the other side of the street.

The Crystal Pier and the Crystal Pier hotel are still the same, but the bar Blind Melons is now the 710 Club, I was in this area at night, but I did not realize there was so much activity in this area at night.

Pacific Beach Crystal Pier 1

I walked down the Boardwalk that runs along the beach, this wide sidewalk runs from a couple streets north of Feldspar all the way down to the end of south Mission Beach, it is quite a walk, but I did not go all of the way down there, but I did go down to the middle of Mission Beach, and see where the city widened the board walk by 6 feet. A few years back, the city decided to widen the Boardwalk at mission beach by reclaiming the land that it least to the owners of the adjacent properties. You can clearly see where the city demolished the gardens and beach front patios of the property owners so that the boardwalk could be widened.

I remember when this place was much different, back then there was very little order, but you could make bonfires on the beach, and drink on the beach at night, not any more. I remember when the near by drugstore use to be a Liquor Barn alcoholic beverage mega store. But there are a lot of cafes along the beach now, many of the hotels have restaurants on the beach side of the establishment, there are many people getting up now, hey have hats hand sunglasses on, many of them have been late up drinking at the bars hear by, now hungover.

Pacific Beach a Hotel

I see that the Green Flash is still there, but the lifeguard station now has a very large restroom and shower facility, unfortunately there are a number of homeless around the are who make the area their home. I did have to turn down several requests for money in the area, in spite of this there were still a lot of people on the boardwalk talking their morning walk or Sunday brunch out with the family. Like the rest of PB a lot has changed, I still recognize most of the landmarks, by 11,40 I was finished, time for a early lunch...

Here area the rest of the photos that I took that day, a few days earlier, I did take a walk around Downtown La Jolla, if you are interested.