Downtown San Diego at night.

Here it is - Check it out.

Downtown San Diego - Night time

This is my latest panorama, I froze my rear-end off taking the photos of Downtown San Diego from Shelter Island, it was windy, and cold but worth it. In the end, it turned out nice, but there was a lot of traffic on the bay, and a search of one boat that was anchored on the bay by the police, first there was one police boat then there were two, and then the police cruisers started to show up, and before you know it, there were police all over the area.

I had to move several times, to find the right shot, but I did get most of downtown, except for the convention center, which was blocked by shelter island. I had to use a tripod, and slow down the shutter speed to it's slowest setting for the best results. I started out at Humphrey's by the bay and worked my way over to Bali Hai, on Shelter Island.

I was not sure what to expect, there was so much activity on the water, there were lots of sale boats, boats ships and ferries on the bay that night. I was not sure how the photo would turn out. But I got a couple of clean shots and I was able to put together this really nice panorama of Downtown San Diego.