Queen's Blade - Menace 1/6

Queen's Blade MenaceHi Everyone...

I started a model project; I have been very silent in terms of building models since I have been busy learning Joomla and porting over my weblog to Joomla. I always wanted to learn the CMS, but never found the time to do it, now that I am out of work, I have the time as well as the motivation to learn.

I am now done with that project and I am on to a new one; I am going to build the 1/6 Menace figure from Queen's Blade, the kit arrived on my doorstep a few days ago. If you have ever wondered how a package looks like after US Customs has gone through the package, have a look. On the plus side, nothing was damaged or destroyed, the whole package was covered in green tape.

After letting the parts soak in dishwashing liquid over night, I cut and sanded down all of the flashes and resin casting bocks. Over all, the casting job on the parts were fine, but the two ribbons of cloth were not in good shape, both of which were extremely warped. I spent most of the afternoon correcting the shape of the ribbons and making them line up; on the plus side, I am getting great at heat forming parts.

parcel from HK

cloth parts

At this point, I have finised pinning all of the parts that will hold weight, since the arms are going to support lots of weight, I had to add two extra large pins to the shoulder sockets. The two arms will support both of the ribbons, so I wanted to be sure that they would hold up.

hand and shoulders arm joints

main figure part

The other big issue was the two identical parts for the scepter, I had to take the duplicate part and scratch build the other part of the scepter shaft, I sanded down the resin part to shape and use some milliput putty to make it look like the part that is missing. I took a aluminum tube and cut it to size.

scepter parts rebuild

Originally I was going to build another 1/35 Mobile Suit instead of a 1/6 scale figure kit, but the G-System 1/72 Kshatriya changed all of that. Depending on how much the model will cost, I might just shelve the 1/35 scale kit for the G-system kit. Otherwise, things are progressing well.