Queen's Blade - Menace construction Update

It's time for another update, I am making good progress with Menace, like the name says, she's been a bad girl. The biggest problem has been the two ribbons, they are extremely warped, no matter how much test fitting and heat forming, I can't get them to fit right. As a Result, there is a noticeable gap in the back of the arms. But I did spend the weekend painting and coating the parts, I am for the most part done with the paint job, I just have to do some clean up on the ribbon of cloth.

Menace - Head

Menace - Back

The rest of the model was a breeze to put together, I quickly assembled the head and the body plus all of the parts for her loin clothe. I went to Michael's and found a 7" base for the figure, I started out by giving it a several coats of polyurethane and sanded it down once it dried.

Menace - Base 1

Menace - Base 2

Later I used several pieces of scrap styrafoam to build the base of the floor that the figure will stand on. Once that was done, I used pieces of matt board as the base for the tiles, I once the pieces were cut ot shape, I uses some modeling paste to cover the surface and all of the exposed pieces of matt board.

Menace - Base 3

Menace - Base 4

As the modeling past dried, I used a piece of scrap styrene to create the grooves for the stone blocks. When everything set and dried, I sanded down the modeling paste to get the effect of stone blocks.

Menace - Base 5

After the sanding was completed, I drilled out the holes for the two aluminum rods that would support and anchor Menace to the base.

Menace - feet pins

I test fitted most of the pieces on the base, I included a photo of the Scepter. He is nice, shiny and smooth after several coats of future.


Menace - test fit

Menace - Scepter