1/6 Kanou Unchou, Ikkitousen

kanou 02

I have always wanted to build a model of Kanou Unchou from Ikkitousen, I built this kit in 2010 but I just never had a chance to create a post for this kit. The kit was a very straight forward build, the resin casting was very well done and ther was only a minimum amount of warping in the parts, I did have to use a brass rod for the pole arm shaft. The resin pole provided was not going to do the job, as for the rest of the parts, I had to do the usual pinning and drilling so that the parts for the arms and the legs would not fall a part. Otherwise, I did not have to do very much sanding and filling, the base was created using some scrap mattboard and styrofoam; I then used some modelling paste to cover the entire surface of the base that I created.

I used Tamiya paints for this figure, and used future floor acrylic with Tamiya flat base to cover the model, I did have to use some epoxy to secure the figure to the base, a large brass pin attached Kanou securely to the base.

Overall, I am happy with the way she turned out, but if I had better clipart to work with, I would have done a better job with the decals, you can't see it to well, but there is a dragon decal on her dress.

kanou 01 kanou 06 kanou 04 kanou 07

Here is a link to the flickr photogallery.