1/6 Echidna, Queen's Blade

inked detail

Echidna the Elf Mercenary was build all the way back in 2009, this was part of a forum contest all the way back then, I also used this as a stress relief project in 2009, the Union-Tribune Newspaper here in san Diego was hemeraging money and people. Those of us that were left had to pickup the slack as best as possible, I built here as a stress relief and mental health project as much as a contest model. Yes, I could have done a better job, but money was a little sort and I did not have the extra resources to add all of the detail I wanted to the base, many of the forum posters complained about the eyes, and how the looked empty.

over all, I was happy with the casting, but a number of the parts required work to get them to fit, I had to spend time correcting the shape of the clothing and the legs so that they would fit, and the figure would stand properly.

I used brass pins and superglue to secure the model and built the base with modeling paste and styrofoam, the model was painted with Tamiya Acrylics and flat base, the model is secured to the base with a brass pin.

Echidna dio - 8 Echidna dio - 7 Echidna dio - 6 Echidna dio - 2 Echidna dio - 1

Here is a link to the flickr photogallery.