Toronto 2012: Around Town

Downtown Toronto

Around Toronto on my own

After my other relatives flew back to San Francisco I had a chance to walk around Toronto on my own, I took the Toronto Subway and public transport system to see the city Toronto has grown into a city with lots of different cultural and ethnic flavors about the size of Chicago. I was able to move from Scarborough to North York and from one part of the city to the other without a car of my own with relative ease.


Toronto 2012: Relatives & Rain

The June 2012 Trip to Toronto

Downtown Toronto: Union Station

Wow, It's been such a long time since I had any sort of a vacation, but finally, I was able to travel to Toronto and celebrate my Uncle's 80th Birthday. I stayed a little while longer after my other relatives left, I had a chance to visit some people I have not seen in a long time and meet some new people. I also was able to travel around Toronto and learn now to use the subway system.


Europe 2002: UK to USA

United Kingdom

London Heathrow to London Gatwick

After I arrived in London, I went to the wrong baggage claim terminal to pick up my luggage (the signs in London Heathrow are very confusing); so i went through customs and went to British Airways customer service to find out how I could get into the right baggage claim terminal. They told me that I could be escorted into the baggage claim terminal, no problem.


Europe 2002: Germany


Munich, Germany

After we finally got off the ground and flew to Munchen (Munich) Germany, British Airways got us to their safely, but they took so long to get process Milton's lost luggage request that (21/2 Hours), Barbara Laber and her family have been trying to get a hold of both Milton and I. They left a message with the information desk clerk, but we never got the message because the clerk's shift finished and he or she went home because it took so long for Milton and I to get out of customs.

Mittelneufnach, Germany


Europe 2002: Whiteout UK

United Kingdom

London Heathrow International Airport

Stranded at London Heathrow Airport

The trip to Munchen (Munich), Germany was hard, Milton and I got stuck in London Heathrow airport for about 30 hours. About one hour after we both arrived in London, it really started to snow very badly for about a hour or so. After that British Airways Canceled all of their flight s earlier in the day. British Airways tried to book us onto another BA flight to Munchen(Munich), but that got canceled. All of this time the the other airlines delayed, but did not cancel their flights I looked out of the terminal window and I saw other airline planes taking off to their destinations.