Europe 2002: Germany


Munich, Germany

After we finally got off the ground and flew to Munchen (Munich) Germany, British Airways got us to their safely, but they took so long to get process Milton's lost luggage request that (21/2 Hours), Barbara Laber and her family have been trying to get a hold of both Milton and I. They left a message with the information desk clerk, but we never got the message because the clerk's shift finished and he or she went home because it took so long for Milton and I to get out of customs.

Mittelneufnach, Germany

Mittelneufnach, Germany

Later we had to travel to Mittelneufnach by S Bahn (subway train) and Die Bahn (national train system) to the town. Inge had told milton how to get their and Barbara had told me several times how she traveled to the town from Munchen (Munich). The trip by rail went very well, and there is a very happy ending to the trip, as Milton and I got to Schawmmuchen (the town where we get off the train) we ran into Barbara Laber's sister Hanna. She had seen the photo of that I had sent to barbara when I introduced myself to her, so Hanna recognized me right a way. She and Barbara's mom Petra, took us to the town where we meet every one including Uncle Richard and Jolane.

We taked for a while and Milton and I gave Jolane the gifts that we had with us. Later we were treated to a home cooked Bavarian Meal, mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! This is the first solid meal I having eaten airport food for 1 1/2 days, and it was sooo good. Later we had coffee and we chatted for a while be for we all went to bed.

The next morning after breakfast Barbara show us around the town of Mittelneufnach, they had planned to show us around Bavaria and have a day of sight seeing in Munchen (Munich). After a few hours of walking around we finished seeing the town, that is how small it is. Later we had lunch at Petra's house which was a old Bavarian Farm house, her boyfriend Thomas rebuilt by himself. It was very nice house for a artist, Petra is a artist and a teacher.

Petra's house

Petra and Thomas' House

After Lunch Barbara, Hanna, Milton and I traveled back to Munchen (Munich), we got to visit Barbara's apartment in Muchen (Munich), then we all went to a beer hall to meet Petra's children and Jenny's children. Jenny is the baby daughter of Jolane, she passed away 20 years ago. We had a nice big Bavarian Meal, and Andy one of the grown up children wore his Lederhosen in -10c to -14c to the meal.

Andy gave us a quick drive trough tour of Munchen (Munich) after the meal, later Milton and I got some sleep for a few hours at our hotel before we traveled to the airport and catch our flights back to the USA.

Munich, Germany F.J. Strauss Flughafen Munchen

After all of us said our good byes the trip began just fine, I got through baggage screening just fine. After I checked in for my flight to London Gatwick, only to have the flight canceled, British Airways said that they had technical difficulties.

I was then rebooked onto the next flight to London Heathrow, it was delayed, British airways said the cargo doors were to cold to open up, so I did not get into London until 9:30am.