Europe 2002: UK to USA

United Kingdom

London Heathrow to London Gatwick

After I arrived in London, I went to the wrong baggage claim terminal to pick up my luggage (the signs in London Heathrow are very confusing); so i went through customs and went to British Airways customer service to find out how I could get into the right baggage claim terminal. They told me that I could be escorted into the baggage claim terminal, no problem.


I went to the area that they told me to and called the baggage claim desk and asked to be escorted in, the said no problem, and that they would be right over and I would be let in. 15 people and I waited to 45 minutes so that they could also be escorted into the baggage claim terminal. We all tried to call again and so did British Airways customer service, no one would answer the phone.

Finally some one cam down to let us all in. That was when I found out that my luggage did not make it to Heathrow with me, so with 2 hours left I was told to travel to London Gatwick by speedlink bus. the bus was over 50 minutes late and by time i got to London Gatwick it was 12:39pm and my fight leaves at 12:45.

United States of America

London to Dallas, TX, and San Diego, CA

I am not going to make my fight to St. Louis, so I got rebooked onto a flight to Dallas-Fort Worth, at this point the American Airline lost my luggage, but I do not blame them. I got held up at security, when the guard at the airport refuse to let me in to the departure terminal because my ticket was not stamped properly. After he called over several of his bosses and I was interagated by they airport officials I was let in.

the flight to Dallas was very nice and uneventful, but when I got to customs at the airport, I found out that the Airline had lost my luggage, it happened to another girl who was suppose to be on the Munich to Gatwick flight that got canceled. So I borded a flight to San Diego, and I am now back in San Diego waiting for my luggage which got sent to Los Angeles, and then San Diego.

Closing Comments

Overall, I had a Great time traveling to Munich, despite the bad plane flights, bad customer service from British Airways and the lost luggage. Yes, I will travel back to Europe, as often as I possibly can. But I will do my best to avoid traveling on British Airways.