Toronto 2012: Relatives & Rain

The June 2012 Trip to Toronto

Downtown Toronto: Union Station

Wow, It's been such a long time since I had any sort of a vacation, but finally, I was able to travel to Toronto and celebrate my Uncle's 80th Birthday. I stayed a little while longer after my other relatives left, I had a chance to visit some people I have not seen in a long time and meet some new people. I also was able to travel around Toronto and learn now to use the subway system.

Time with the relatives...


The flight to Toronto was very dull and boring, nothing happened and that's fine by me, I got there in one piece, getting through customs was quick but I had to wait for my luggage. Pearson International Airport had some kind of Cellphone jammer running so you could not call out when you were in Customs and In the baggage area. The weather was nice the first day and it was actually ver pleasant, the sun was out and the weather was warm and comfortable. We had afternoon tea and l later had dinner with my relatives and my Uncle's sister in law and her husband. We were suppose to celebrate my Uncle's Birthday but it did not feel like a birthday dinner.

The Dragon Dynasty Restaurant: B-Day Dinner

The Restaurant we went to served us delicious and tasty Chinese Food, but the service felt rushed, everyone got the impression that they wanted to cook and serve the food as quickly as possible. Before we could finish eating the next course came, I could not eat fast enough before they tried to take the plates away and serve us the next course. The restaurant heeded our request to slow down, but we were left with lots of left over food.

The Dragon Dynasty Restaurant: Left overs

The next 4.5 days was a different story, it rained very heavily in Toronto, and felt like Autumn rather than Spring, the sky was grey and it was cold. We did not do much except eat, I worked on some of my freelance web development work, and my mom and other relatives stayed inside and watched Chinese videos, they did not want to do anything. There is not much to write about except that they went grocery shopping and bought stuff that they could not get in SF, but I did cook for my Mom and other Relatives that were there.

The finished product!!!

Everyone has been bugging me for years as to why I don't cook, I finally cooked, i made a lasagna for them. I liked it it was very tasty. Otherwise the remaining time was spent going out to eat dim sum, or grocery shopping, everyone stayed home and eat all day.


The Night Before Uncle Richard and Auntie Ping flew back to the United Kingdom, we all went out to eat dinner at the Korean BBQ Restaurant called Chako, I enjoyed the experience, never had Korean BBQ before, later presented gifts and bought a cake for him, he was very pleased. The cake was very yummy, I have uploaded a few of the videos that I took of the event, the videos turned out better than I expected, my camera does a better job indoors than outdoors or in low light.

Uncle Richard blows out the candles.


Uncle Richard cuts the cake.


Uncle Richard opens his gifts


The following day my Mom and Aunt flew back to San Francisco, and the weather began to change, it became very hot humid and there was not a cloud in the sky. I was glad that I stayed behind after they all left, I had a chance to go around Toronto and check out the city. I even got to go and see the Ontario Countryside, it was a very nice trip. The one annoyance is the Canadian Geese, they are all over the place, there are even signs that tell you to yield to the geese if they want to cross the road, they are wandering the parking lots and camping out on the grass in front of restaurants and parks.

Canadian Geese crossing

As you can see here we had to stop and wait until they crossed the road before we could continue on our trip.