SigPlus, Nivo and learning Joomla

The below information is provided as a resource for the image tools used in the Ugenia Jewelry website, the SigPlus and Nivo Slider tools for the website. I have provides some basic information to find the image folders and the files for the images that are displayed on the website.


Photo Galleries

Sigplus Photogallery Tool

Sigplus is a image gallery tool that is used for the product photos in the website, the images and the text file that contains the slideshow info is stored in a label.txt file in the images folder.

Sigplus Image gallery

If you need to see a demo of the photogallery in the site below

Sigplus demo

The photo gallery thumbnails look like this, there is a square image that is generated by the CMS.

Once you click on the image that is highlighted in red you will get a image that opens into a modal window like the one below. Highlighted in red are the image title and the description, you will be able to edit them in the "label.txt" file.

All of the images and the .txt file are located in a specific folder for each set of images; there is a folder for each thumbnail image.

When you open the specific thumbnail image folder you will see the images and the text file named label.txt; if you want to add a image to the slide show or change the title or description then you will need to edit this file.

The image info is organized as followed, file name | Title | Image description. You can add a HTML Link to the image description, but keep the HTML simple, no complex code is allowed. The actual text for the image title and description looks like the below code example, there will be one set for each image.

	artgenia-11.jpg|Turquoise Bow Ebony Wood Earrings|Barrel Shaped Ebony wood earrings decorated 
	with Swarovski crystals. <a href="#" target="_blank">Click here to learn more.</a>

This is example of the actual code when rendered by the browser.

Turquoise Bow Ebony Wood Earrings
Barrel Shaped Ebony wood earrings decorated with Swarovski crystals. Click here to learn more.


Nivoslider is the slide show tool that is used in the home page of the site, normally you don't have to access the plugin's control panel once the images are set.

Nivoslider site

When the slider is setup and installed in Joomla, it looks something like this, the images will loop continuously.

They are stored in the images folder in the joomla website folder, I have named the folder "nivo_sider_images"; to add images to the slideshow move the images you use this folder. All of the images used have to be the exact size of the other images in the slide show.

When you are done adding the images simply clear all of the caches and reload the website.

Using Joomla Videos

If you need to earn how to use Joomla then you can take a look at the videos and links below, they will help get you started on using Joomla.

Using Joomla Articles

This video provides a basic over view of how to use Joomla.

Joomla 2.5 Tutorial - Lesson 17 - Images

Adding images is easy, this video will show you how to do it.

Adding and managing images to an article in Joomla 2.0

The Media Manager is the front end interface for you to add images into the images folder, this video shows you how to use it. But you don't have to use the image editor that they use in the video, any image editing tool will do.

Getting Started with Joomla

This is the official joomla documentation website,if you need help using joomla this site provides documentation on the CMS.