Adding a post to Facebook

Adding a post to Facebook is easy, you can add a post in Facebook from the News Feed or the Timeline. It's easy to learn, once you have learned how to use the Update status feature you will be able add text information and comments to your facebook page. Once the information is complete, your information will be posted to the timeline and news feed.


1. Login to

2. After you login you will come to a white screen with three columns. At the top there will be a Update Status box that has a question stating "What's on your mind?".

3. Use the arrow and click inside of this box, and type or cut and paste the information you want to post on Facebook.

4. When you are done entering your information into Facebook, there is a blue button called post, click on this button.

5. After you click onto Facebook you should see your Facebook status or post appear below the Update Status box.

5a. If you want to view the timeline click here.

6. The post in the News Feed will be updated here as well.

7. Go to twitter by clicking on this link and you should see the facebook post on twitter