Echidna the Elf Mercenary was build all the way back in 2009, this was part of a forum contest all the way back then, I also used this as a stress relief project in 2009, the Union-Tribune Newspaper here in san Diego was hemeraging money and people. Those of us that were left had to pickup the slack as best as possible, I built here as a stress relief and mental health project as much as a contest model. Yes, I could have done a better job, but money was a little sort and I did not have the extra resources to add all of the detail I wanted to the base, many of the forum posters complained about the eyes, and how the looked empty.

Around Toronto on my own

After my other relatives flew back to San Francisco I had a chance to walk around Toronto on my own, I took the Toronto Subway and public transport system to see the city Toronto has grown into a city with lots of different cultural and ethnic flavors about the size of Chicago. I was able to move from Scarborough to North York and from one part of the city to the other without a car of my own with relative ease.

I have always wanted to build a model of Kanou Unchou from Ikkitousen, I built this kit in 2010 but I just never had a chance to create a post for this kit. The kit was a very straight forward build, the resin casting was very well done and ther was only a minimum amount of warping in the parts, I did have to use a brass rod for the pole arm shaft. The resin pole provided was not going to do the job, as for the rest of the parts, I had to do the usual pinning and drilling so that the parts for the arms and the legs would not fall a part. Otherwise, I did not have to do very much sanding and filling, the base was created using some scrap mattboard and styrofoam; I then used some modelling paste to cover the entire surface of the base that I created.

The June 2012 Trip to Toronto

Wow, It's been such a long time since I had any sort of a vacation, but finally, I was able to travel to Toronto and celebrate my Uncle's 80th Birthday. I stayed a little while longer after my other relatives left, I had a chance to visit some people I have not seen in a long time and meet some new people. I also was able to travel around Toronto and learn now to use the subway system.

I am finally finished with the model, I painted the clear resin flame on the hand, and painted the Jewel on the Scepter. The Base is all painted and the parts are all glued together. Yes, the paint job did not turn out perfect, there are a few spots where the paint pulled off after I applied the future and flat base.


Munich, Germany

After we finally got off the ground and flew to Munchen (Munich) Germany, British Airways got us to their safely, but they took so long to get process Milton's lost luggage request that (21/2 Hours), Barbara Laber and her family have been trying to get a hold of both Milton and I. They left a message with the information desk clerk, but we never got the message because the clerk's shift finished and he or she went home because it took so long for Milton and I to get out of customs.

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