So far so good...

I am on my second Joomla project now that I have setup the my own blog, I think different projects bring different issues. When I setup this blog the biggest issue was PHP4, otherwise the install went well, I was able to install several different versions and Joomla worked. But with my current project, I can not believe that it is so hard to get Joomla to work on some hosting company servers; I spent 3 days trying to install the CMS onto the server and nothing worked right. Until I asked their Tech support for help and was told that I had to install 1.5.0 and that would work, after 3 days of suffering it would be nice if the had posted that information online. I guess different Hosts have different issues, what can I say, you learn something new everyday.

Still, I am enjoying working with Joomla,  I am finding it easier to set up after learning how to use it.