I have provided a sample of the sites I have built as a Freelance Web Designer, when I was working for the San Diego Union-Tribune and it's website, the sites provided below go back many years.

Please be aware that although I designed the below websites, I am not the only person who updates and maintains the website, some of these sites are demos of what I have done, and other websites are still live sites. While I designed the websites, other people are maintaining the sites as well, so the content may change over time.

FMV Corp.

I was hired to rebuild the website and update the deesign, like any corporate project most of the design decisions were already finalized. I installed wordpress, built the required responsive code from a existing template and integrate all of the provided content.

Click here, to visit the website.

Customized Car Accessories

This project involved building and designing a new template for a existing magento store, I had to reinstall Magento design the comps, code the template and impliment the approved design, I had to code the PHTML, CSS, add the JavaScripts and create the custom artwork for the eStore.

Click here, to visit the website.

Ugenia Jewelry

The Range Sports website is a sales tool for a insurance sales man, the website is built using Joomla, The template is coded using JHTML, PHP include, CSS, and JavaScript; Bluehost installed Apache, MySQL and setup the install scripts for the Web CMS.

Click here, to visit the website.


This site was setup using Magento, the project required a redesign of the existing site and complete the work that was already started by the previous web developer, I setup the new web host, completed optimization of Apache, setup MySql, install Magento, design/code the html shell template, setup the store/import the products. Later projects included site optimization of load time, the setup of adwords, SEO with Google Analytics and Webmaster tools.

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Rowland and Associates

International Excellence is a revamp of a client's existing site, the project involved giving the site a facelift and installing a new CMS and creating a new template for the website. The project also involved porting over the website content and inserting it into the Joomla web CMS, other tasks included locating and installing the needed Joomla plug-ins as the client has requested.

Click here, to visit the website.

GLC7 2010

The 2010 GLC7 website promotes and provides information for a conference in Beijing, the website is a portal that provides event information, contact information, forms for people to register for the conference and obtain travel information. This is a very basic HTML4 website that is driven by a PHP form which send the information to the conference sponsors.

Click here, to visit the website. Teaser

The teaser project was used to build interest in the website relaunch, a select group of high profile clients of the newspaper were sent a link to the teaser art to gather their feed back on what the though of the impending relaunch of the website.

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Silverman Jewelers

Silverman Jewelers was one of the first website I designed with a flash intro, google map code, PNG alpha transparencies and other features and elements that I use on many of my websites day. The client wanted a very professional looking website, that showed off his business. The whole concept of the site was to show off the jewelry that this jeweler sold and created. The emphasis of the photos from the site was whiteness and clarity in the gems, all of the photos used in the site had to be color corrected, the white balance fixed, and sharpened so that they all had the same color consistency.

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Landing Pages


This project was concieved to save a client, Hoehn wanted to collect more data from ads than just clicks, they wanted to collect information from clients for sales leads, provide contact info for the client, and track visits to their website.

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Witt Lincoln/Mercury

Like the Hoehn splash page, this form and splash page was used to collect visitor infomation, and provide contact and product information about the Witt Lincoln Mercury dealership and the products that they are promoting. All of the ads ran on the web portal, and linked to this page.

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Home Services Lending

This landing page was designed to help generate sales leads for HSL a Wells Fargo Bank affiliate, the client wanted to obtain contact information and promote their lending services.

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Union-Tribune Prep-Football

This landing page contained a form that allowed the vistor to sign up for a emailing list and generate sales leads for the newspaper's online and print sales reps.

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Landing page companion ad units

A series of online ads that rotated on drove traffic to this splash page, a SOSD and Yahoo monster box ads, plus 4 big box ad units were created for the ad campaign.

View the ads at this page.

A series of online ads like Corner peels, leaderboards, big boxes and other ad units are linked to the above splash page, all of the adds help drive traffic to the splash page.

View the ad at this page.

The landing page was linked to a series of two double wide skyscraper ads, the online ad link would provide a means of tracking how many people visited the ads and the landing page. Each time a double wide sky scrapper was run on the website, a special template was used to accomidate the ad.

View the ads at this page.

The above print page was linked to two online ads that took over the top and the right column's ad space either in the sports section or the home page, the two ads would run at the same time until they expired.

View the ads at this page.

Cafe Pacifica

Cafe Pacifica was a website that has been with for a while, the original owners of Cafe Pacifica did nothing with their website until the restaurant changed owners. The whole website was changed, a new look and feel was provided, and new photos were shot to provide a new atmosphere for the website.

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World Famous

World Famous is a seafood restaurant that is located on the Boardwalk at Mission Beach, the client has been with the company for a while, but never had a site redesign until now. The old site needed a major facelift and redesign, I removed the old HTML 4 code base and made the website template larger and easier to navigate.

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Sogno DiVino

The Sogno DiVino site is a test bed for the LivePipe UI, prototype and Scriptalicious JavaScript libraries, I wanted to both make the site easier to navigate and minimize the use of popup windows so I implimented Modal Windows into the website along with menu tabs to minimize the top to bottom scrolling.

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RT's Longboard Grill

RT's is a bar in Pacific Beach, San Diego that is the sister establishment of Double Deuce, Whiskey Girl and The Wave House. The owner finally decided to revamp the website, and improve the layout of the website. I redesigned the entire shell of the website, added new content, built two light box photo gallery, and added a calendar to the website.

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Global Leadership Conference

This website is for a leadership conference that is held in ShangHai, China each year, I was asked to design a new website, email marketing template, and post card for this event. I was asked by the client to code the site in HTML 4, for more backward compatibility in older web browsers. The website's purpose is to provide registration, scheduling, attendance, and event information for the confernce's attendies and participants.

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Going Green section for SignOnSanDiego

The Going Green Guide website is a section of the SignOnSanDiego website that matches the printed special Booklet of the Union-Tribune newspaper Sunday Edition. I work in a colaborative/team project with several different departments in the company, this project involved the News Room, the Page Layout Designers in News, Advertising, IT, and Sales. All work including concept design, content collection, website coding, copy editing, QA, and final roll out was done in 3 weeks with short notice to do the work.

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Maya Hu Chan

This website was built for Maya Hu Chan to replace the one page static website that already existed at the time, this site is a major improvement over the existing design. I was able to work with the client to obtain the desired results. The client edited the content, video and audio files, and I coded the website's shell.

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International Counceling Conference

The 13th ICC conference website is built with the purpose of providing more information on the conference and to allow people register for a counceling conference in Malaysia. The website was built using XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, CGI/Perl script, and Tableless CSS page design.

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Baja California Tours

Baja CA Tours is my Second large scale design project, the first one being Drive the 101; the final website design consist of 31 pages, and many small photos with information about the hotels and destinations that the tour company travels to. The original website was a small 3 page site with information about the travel packages, schedule, now the website has a Schedule, packages and destinations info, and the ability to resize the text size. I won a UT-Team Award in Customer Service for my work on this website.

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SD Party Rentals

The owners of San Diego Party Rentals revamped their old website after keeping the same website design for many years. I changed the color scheme, added a looping flash slide show, a new photo gallery, and the lightbox photo gallery function to the price list page of the website, and major SEO work for the content and folder structure of the website.

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Americana Restaurant

American Restaurant is located in Downtown Del Mar, they have been with SignOnSanDiego for some time, I redesigned the existing website to give the website a fresh new look. The website was recoded using XHTML, CSS, and Tableless website design, the client wanted to use Courier as the font face, the cluttered look of collages on all of the pages was something the client wanted to carry over from the last design.

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Canes Bar and Grill

Canes is a bar and restaurant that is located right on Mission Beach, it is a major venue for bands and musicians, there is a bar at the top of the restaurant that attracts lots of visitors. The website went through a major over haul after staying with their previous redesign for many years, the website was give a new look, and feel, but most of the content and functionality stayed the same. The website template was redesigned and recoded, the calender was redesigned using a monthly calender format, and iFrames were used to display the multiple pages on one page.

Click here, to visit the website.

Drive the 101

Drive the 101 is a feature section sponsored by a county supervisor and the Del Mar chamber of commerce. The project was unfinished in a state of limbo for over 1 year, the team before me abandoned the project, and moved on to other things. Since the project had been paid for by a government grant, I was given 3 weeks to get the project done so I discareded teh old design. Some of the old header art was retained, but the whole design is my own work, Flash was added later.

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94th Aero Squadron

94th Aero Squadron is a World War 1 themed restaurant located next to Montgomery Field Airport in San Diego, there are lots of WW1 themed props and Aircraft that decorate the inside and outside of the Restaurant. The website design had to convey this image to the visitor, the major addition to the website is a looping flash slide show, a new website template, and a photo gallery of images, plus the them of the website had to match their sister restaurant called The Butchershop Restaurant that was also under redesign at the same time.

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Parkhouse Eatery

Parkhouse Eatery is a redesigned website, the orginal website was based on a citysearch template design, the client wanted to update the look and feel of the website with new photos, some Adobe Flash, and a new look and feel. But the overall color scheme stayed the same, warm earth tones remain as the dominate colors used in the website.

Click here, to visit the website.

Pamplemousse Grille

Pamplemousse Grille, which means grapefruit in French, is a restaurant located across from the race track in Del-Mar, in addition to having a restaurant, they do a lot of catering. This website design was hard, it took almost 3 months to complete the design project, since the design comp was revised numerous times, and changes were constantly being made. But the client settled on the website design as it is now, they wanted a flash introduction, a design which was slightly different from their original website design, and a very simple home page, but the overall color scheme stayed the same.

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Bellefleur Restaurant

With this french restaurant, I had to give them a nice look, elegant, and beautiful website, Since they had a really beautiful logo, and they wanted large photos, I did my best to create a unique look and feel. Each page had a different photo on the left side of the page, and there was a scroll box on the right, at this point, my boss and I were using the scroll box/postcard design quite a bit in the websites we designed.

Click here, to visit the website.

China Cafe

The China Cafe restaurant is located in Del Mar, they previously had lots of pink and pandas in the design of their old website, this redesign was a big departure for them, I had to design a new site with different colors. The client wanted the old color scheme of pinks and pandas gone, plus they had spent some money redoing the decor for the restaurant, and they wanted the colors of the website to match.

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Windmill Banquet and Catering

Windmill Banquet and Catering is a restaurant that specializes in catered events at their banquet facility, the site was built using the scroll box design, at the time this technique was used to make sure all of the information stayed visible above the fold. I started to make more extensive use of CSS in my website design, since then the client has had their site revamped and redesigned, but this is a example of the website I built for the client at the time.

Click here, to visit the website.

Trattoria Fantastica

Tattoria Fantastica is a sister restaurant to Zia's Bistro, since I had to make this website different for their other websites, I incorporated their murals into the header. The Restaurant had a old world feel to it, and I decided to capture it as best I could. So a lot of earth tones were used, other than that, we were not given very much material to work with form the client.

Click here, to visit the website.

Bully's Del-Mar

Trattoria I Trulli

This restaurant wanted to keep the bright colors and line art from their existing site, I updated the design, but most of the photos and text in the site remained the same. The bright earth tones and warm colors of the website had to match the photos of the restaurant.

Click here, to visit the website.

George G Glenner

The Alzheimer's Association had not received a website redesign in a while, this was a account rescue design, the client was approached and asked why they wanted in a new website, they showed SOSD a grey website design, this is a big departure from the blue and white design that they had on their old website. The Website is a very open design, with information links on the right side of the page. Other than the soft edge photos, the website is very simple in design.

Click here, to visit the website.

Cuvee - Del Mar

Cuvee was a wine cusine restaurant that was located in Del Mar, this site was one of several websites revamps over a period of several years, the restaurant has since changed owners and the name has changed as well. The owner of the restaurant at the time wanted a new website with a flash intro, this was one of the earlie sites that I created with a CSS Drop down menu.

Click here, to visit the website.

Bully's La Jolla, Bully's - Del Mar

Bully's is a group of prime rib houses, this website is for two of the locations which are owned by the same person, Since they were happy with the over all color scheme of their existing website, I designed the website around the existing Logo, and artwork.

Click here, to visit the website.

VG Donuts

This bakery is located near a beach, which is why they wanted a wave design incorporated into the background, I argued that waves had nothing to do with baking cakes and pastries. But I was over ruled by my superiors in the company, my boss created the wave background, and I designed the rest of the website, so far they are happy with the design.

Click here, to visit the website.


This Japanese restaurant was the first client website to be given the scroll box/postcard design, They had a nice photo shoot with lots of different elements to be incorporated into the design of the site. This website was the first side I designed to use the scroll box/postcard design, the colors of maroon and light brown were incorporated, even though the restaurant colors were mainly black and white.

Click here, to visit the website.

Double Happiness Rest.

The Chinese restaurant that I designed this website for wanted the Chinese symbol for good luck, Double Happiness featured very prominently on their website, they wanted the coy fish artwork in the site as well. At this time I was still using the city search template to design a website.

Click here, to visit the website.

Sixth Avenue Bistro

Sixth Avenue Bistro was a hard client to please, they wanted a website that looked like New Orleans, so my boss came up with the idea for the header art, since we ran out of ideas, we had no choice but to go with what we had developed. After coding and designing the website, I got a request from the client to design the site like Mardi Gras. But there was no more information forth coming, so the design remains the same.

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While I was at, one of my major duties was to build online ads, here is a sample of the ads that I built while I was at The ad units below cover the entire span of my tenure at Currently, the Big Box, Leaderboard, and Flash ads are the Ad Units that I build. The sky scrapers, Ad Banners, and 125x125, and 120x90 ads were phased out of service many years ago.

Adobe Flash online advertising

Various Adobe Flash Ads in mixed formats, click on the icon to view the ad.

Leaderboard online advertising

Adds below are all static or animated gif 728x90 online ads, click on the icon to view the ad.

Big Box online advertising

All ads below are static or animated gif 300x250 online ads, click on the icon to view the ad.

Skyscrapper online advertising

All ads below are static or animated gif 120x600 online ads, click on the icon to view the ad.

Padres online advertising

All ads below are mixed format from the Padres 2006 season, click on the icon to view the ad.

This section contains samples of work as a Free-lance Print Designer, a Graphic Artist at Jostens Learning, and there are also print and digital art from various clients that I have worked with over the years.

Freelance Print Designs

Bald Concepts Print Designs

Jostens and Misc. Print Designs

UT and Misc. Designs

One of the major revenue streams at SignOnSanDiego is Email advertising, all of the below samples are email ads that were created for various clients of the Union-Tribune and SignOnSanDiego. Many of the ads were constructed using Photoshop, Basic HTML4 and Tables so that the email application or Online Web Mail portal like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, or AOL can read and properly display the template code. I worked with a Email Marketing specialist to build the template, the content, and proof any changes that are made.

Carlsbad Inn
China Cafe
Hotel Del Coronado
Hotel Del Coronado
Japanese Cafe
Old Globe Theatre
Old Globe Theatre
Old Globe Theatre
Restaurants OTR
Royal Limosine
San Diego Symphony
St. Tropez Bistro
Theater in Old Town
Wyndam Hotel

Contest Artwork Design

One of the biggest promotions at SignOnSanDiego was contest and giveaway, this section contains some sample of contest giveaway, everything from limo rides and bay cruises to tickets were given away in the form of a contest. I designed a icon and a large teaser art to help entice website visitors to signup and participate in the contest.

BlueHornet Template Design

When SignOnSanDiego and Bluehornet were partners, one of my responsibilities was to build email templates for the clients so that they can insert their own content and send it out to their own clients. The templates in this gallery are all basic HTML4 and Tables, the client would insert their own content into the provided blank space and send it to the list of clients in their account.

The BlueHornet templates are just like the Email Advertising, they are designed to be view in a Email Application, or Web Mail Portal via the Web Browser.

Digital Artwork

I have included some of my artwork and design pieces from the early to mid 1990's, its a mix of designs from Jostens Learning and some 3D Modeling artwork.

Design Portfolio Gallery

Welcome to my design portfolio, you are welcome to check out the work I have done over the many years that I have been doing commercial design over the many years. I have both digital and print based design samples of my work available for you to view in this portfolio.

To view the samples of my work as a Freelance designer or my work from the Union-Tribune Newspaper click on the links below; the portfolio is divided in to Web, Online Advertising, Email Advertising, Print and Miscellaneous design.

Web Design Portfolio

Print Design Portfolio

Online Advertising Portfolio

Email Advertising Portfolio

Miscellaneous Design Portfolio


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