Facebook and Security

Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have been with us for a while and a indispensable part of our lives today, unfortunately with all troubles on the Internet today they can also be a very very very big pain in ass. I did not realize how much problems Facebook can be difficult they can be to deal with I told my most recent project we had to set up a Facebook fan page to help direct traffic to the website and promote the business.


Jailbreaking with PwnageTool and RedSn0w

Jailbreaking a iPhone

I have always wanted to but never had a chance to try and jailbreak a iPhone, first off I have never owned a iPhone, I was always curious about how it worked. I found out the process it self is very easy and straight forward, figuring out what firmware and what kind of baseband chip and who made it is hard, one wrong move and your iPhone is a big paperweight, i.e. a brick.


Time Machine and corrupt sparse bundles

Remove stuck sparse bundle from Time Machine backup.

Time Machine is a very useful tool, and so is a NAS device, I have been able to recover what I thought was once lost many times. But There are some annoying issues that can cause problems. One of which is corrupted permissions related to a variety of issues, for me the most common problem is when the ReadyNAS Duo tries to renew a backup, the process goes well but the renewed backup's login ID gets corrupted. This often means that you have to remove the old sparse bundle so that a new one can be created.

You will know that there is a problem when you navigate to the time machine backup and see only a red dot icon on the Time Machine Backup folder.


Baidu: means too many crawls...

At the start of 2012, has been experiencing some slow dows and for not apparent reason the site experienced lots of bandwidth usage with out any known reason what was causing the excessive bandwidth usage or who was pinging and sending so many web spiders to crawl the site. I knew that it could not be a hacker, all of the hits to the website had to be coming from a sepific set of IP Addresses, since this sort of thing is outside of the webhost's statement of support, I was on my own.


CentOS Package installation problems.

If you have experience working on a server, you will have encountered a failed installation of a server-side tool package at one time or another. I my case it has been various PECL packages and tools, they work great and are updated regularly on top of that they are free. But when there are problems many of these packages are a pain to deal with.

Important: I am assuming that you are using Fedora or Centos, my web host is using CentOS for the VPS.