Jailbreaking with PwnageTool and RedSn0w

Jailbreaking a iPhone

I have always wanted to but never had a chance to try and jailbreak a iPhone, first off I have never owned a iPhone, I was always curious about how it worked. I found out the process it self is very easy and straight forward, figuring out what firmware and what kind of baseband chip and who made it is hard, one wrong move and your iPhone is a big paperweight, i.e. a brick.


The biggest thing is that you don't have to use RedSn0w to recharge and update your jailbroken iPhone i.e. it's tethered to your machine, with the newest version of RedSn0w, you can now use your iPhone untethered to RedSnow. There are a number of tools out there like Absinthe, Redsnow and Pwnagetool that allow you to Jailbreak untethered, you can untether your iPhone 3GS, 4, 4GS.

Important note: if you do Jailbreak your iPhone you will not get any support from Apple if things go wrong, if the iPhone is already out of warranty and out of contract it's no big deal, and yes it is legal to jailbreak your phone in the USA, just don't expect help from your Mobile Carrier and Apple.

Jailbreaking Legal Status.


PwnageTool does not actually reflash your iPhone, and it will not replace or touch your baseband and leaves it unharmed. The actual work of replacing the firmware and backing up your iPhone date is still done by iTunes. This is good if you know that your firmware will work on the carrier that you are trying to unlock to.

Before you do you need to download your iPhone's firmware and it has to match the version of pwnagetool that you download. For example if you download pwnagetool 5.1.1 the you need to download the pwnagetool firmware as well, otherwise you will not be allowed to proceed and create the custom firmware file.

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I did some looking around the internet and found out that I needed to replace the baseband and firmware on the iPhone before it will work. So I had to try RedSn0w, up until verion 0.9.14 beta 2 you had to have your iPhone tethered to RedSn0w after you jailbreak it, every time you need to charge or update the phone you have to use RedSn0w. But not any more, once the phone you Jailbreak the phone with RedSn0w 0.9.14 beta 2 the phone is now untethered, you can use iTunes to charge and update the phone or backup the data on the phone.

If you are using a iPhone 3GS, you need to be careful, different batches of iPhones made on different dates have different Micro Chips in them, one wrong move means you have a brick. I am not going to get into the whole process of how I jailbroke the phone, you can go to youtube and watch one of the many videos that are posted on how to jailbreak the phone.

I have posted one of the jail break videos below.


After the jailbreak process is done, you will have to connect your phone to a wifi network and update Cydia, which is iPhone App that does the work of finding and installing software packages, the one you will use is called UltraSn0w, this program does the work of interfacing with the mobile carrier.

Once you are done, you will have a dry well, in otherwords, you phone will not have any of your user data on it, you will have to import your contacts from your SIM Card and update it that way.

You can visit the site below to get the tools you need.

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