Facebook and Security

Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have been with us for a while and a indispensable part of our lives today, unfortunately with all troubles on the Internet today they can also be a very very very big pain in ass. I did not realize how much problems Facebook can be difficult they can be to deal with I told my most recent project we had to set up a Facebook fan page to help direct traffic to the website and promote the business.


My client and I had to setup a Facebook Fan Page for the e-commerce website, unfortunately having multiple people in different parts of the country setting up the same account we did not realize that Facebook would be so difficult to deal with. This has led to numerous problems dealing with Facebook security system, what I found out is that if Facebook doesn't like what you're doing their security system will not hesitate to lock you out.

During the setup registration process I did not realize that it was such a problem.

Having setup the website and Facebook the account, I did not expect the Facebook security system to not like the activity that was going on during the setup process in the process lock us out of the account. Once you have run a-foul of Facebook's security system you what you will be locked out, unfortunately unlocking your account is a big hassle to through the security screening.

We are talking about having to submit personal information to Facebook, answering the security questions and going through the process of identifying the owner of the account just to unlock it. Even after we were not totally free of facebook's security lock, since my IP address was recorded during the setup process, now I am flagged as a as a packer and a spammer. What I have learned is that that once Facebook has locked out of your account Facebook will determine when you can have full access again. This is made it very difficult to do simple things like add friends, find friends, Facebook will let you full access when it is good and ready to let you have full access.

I never expected Facebook to be so difficult...

I long for the day when Facebook was much easier to deal with and their security system wasn't so strict, adding a Facebook page and and not have to worry about getting locked out is a distant memory. I do understand they are trying to get rid of spammers, false Facebook accounts, minimizing the number of hackers trying to get into their system and protect everyone's private information is important.

Fortunately no I do I have found out that lots of people have experienced the same problem, it's been very difficult process trying to get out from underneath Facebook security system. I long for the day when Facebook was much easier to deal with and get anything done was much much more simple and painless.

The issue that has made this whole problem that much more difficult this resolve is Facebook doesn't provide any means of contacting someone there directly, You can email or call them directly you have to go through their search and help database to find a form to send them a message. Getting a hold of a person to help resolve your problems by email instant messaging or telephone is nonexistent.